8.36 w/o VAT

*obj, *c4d, vray for *c4d, *vob, *tgo — This set contains seven detailed dandelion plants, ready for your scenes.


Dandelion (Taraxacum) is part of the Asteracea family and is native to Eurasia and also North America. They are considered weeds, but because of the nice blossom and the flying seeds welcome guests on meadows and along pathways and streets.

This bundle contains seven different dandelion objects with detailed textures. Even the seeds are executed as 3D geometry. The following file formats are included:

  • Cinema4D R12+ (*.c4d)
  • Vray for Cinema4D R12+ (*.c4d)
  • Vue 8+ (*.vob)
  • Wavefront (*.obj)
  • Terragen object (*.tgo)
  • textures are coming as uncompressed tif

Polygon counts (may vary in different applications):

  • variant 1: 258240
  • variant 2: 248658
  • variant 3: 10920
  • variant 4: 308268
  • variant 5: 304260
  • variant 6: 127926
  • variant 7: 183246