Grape Hyazinth

8.36 w/o VAT

*obj, *c4d, vray for *c4d, *vob, *tgo — This set contains five patches of muscari flowers.


Grape Hyazinth flowers (Genus: Muscari) are part of the family of Asparagceae and originate from Eurasia. Nowadays they can be found almost world wide. Because of the beautiful blossoms these flowers have become very popular amongst gardeners.
This set contains five different shaped and colored patches of Muscari, ideal to place colorful accents in your visualizations.

The following file formats are included:

  • Cinema4D R12+ (*.c4d)
  • Vray for Cinema4D R12+ (*.c4d)
  • Vue 10+ (*.vob)
  • Wavefront (*.obj)
  • Terragen object (*.tgo)
  • textures are coming as uncompressed tif

Polygon counts (may vary in different applications):

  • variant 1: 82800
  • variant 2: 84972
  • variant 3: 80846
  • variant 4: 80249
  • variant 5: 82771

Technical note: the center parts of the flower (si3d_0078_centerparts, or si3d_0078_cp1/cp2/cp3) are very tiny and in most cases not really visible, unless the camera is really close to the objects. You can hide those objects for rendering, or remove them and re-save the objects as “low poly” variants. This will reduce polygon count to about the half.