8.36 w/o VAT

*obj, *c4d, vray for *c4d, *vob, *tgo — This bundle contains six detailed tansy flowers, also known as Cow Bitter.


Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare) can reach a height of more then 100cm. The leaves look similar to ferns, the blossom calls disc mayweed into mind and looks a bit like a chamomile without petals. Tansy often grows at the margin of pathways, embarkments, forests and meadows. This bundle contains six detailed objects that reach a height between 50cm and 100cm.

The following file formats are included:

  • Cinema4D R12+ (*.c4d)
  • Vray for Cinema4D R12+ (*.c4d)
  • Vue 8+ (*.vob)
  • Terragen object (*.tgo)
  • Wavefront (*.obj)
  • textures are coming as uncompressed tif

Polygon counts (may vary in different applications):

  • variant 1: 22933
  • variant 2: 24644
  • variant 3: 30178
  • variant 4: 35754
  • variant 5: 34831
  • variant 6: 28436