Wildflowers vol.1

33.61 w/o VAT

*obj, *c4d, vray for *c4d, *vob, *tgo — Contains ten different wildflower species, a total of 56 detailed plants.

Purple Deadnettle

This set contains eight detailed deadnettle plant models for your visualizations.


Eight detailed, blossoming lupin plants are part of the Wildflowers collection - but they also work fine in gardens or parks.

Mouse-ear chickweeds

This bundle contains six mouse-ear chickweed clusters, ideal to mix into grass populations.


Six detailed tansy flowers, also known as Cow Bitter, ideal for nature visualization. Also good to place colourful accents.

Primrose Victoriana

Detailed model of a primrose flower.

Wood anemone

This set contains five beautiful wood anemone flowers, showing a nice blossom.

Alpine squill

Alpine squill (Scilla bifolia) is a small plant, usually reaching heights of about 10cm to 15cm. Usually the plant has two leaves, hence the botanical name bifolia. This set contains six different alpine squill clusters

Snowdrop Bundle

Snowdrops (Galanthus) is a herbaceous plant usually flowering in late winter or early spring. This set contains four detailed patches of snowdrop flowers reaching a height of about 14cm.


Dandelion is native to Eurasia and also North America. They are considered weeds, but because of the nice blossom and the flying seeds welcome guests on meadows and along pathways.
This bundle contains seven different dandelion objects.


Goldenrods are common to North America but nowadays can be found in many areas of the world.
This bundle contains five detailed goldenrod clusters.


The different models come as detailed objects with textures. Following file formats are included: Cinema4D R12+ (*.c4d), Vray for Cinema4D (*.c4d), Vue R8.4 (*.vob), Terragen2 (*.tgo), Wavefront (*.obj). Textures come as uncompressed tif.
All plants are modelled according to real world sizes and simply can be dropped into place.

Content: eight Lupins (45708 to 152436polygons), eight Purple Deadnettles (6408 to 15882 polygons), six Mouse-ear chickweeds (4245 to 23782 polygons), six Tansy plants (22933 to 35754 polygons), Primrose Victoriana (21500 polygons), five Wood anemones (16184 to 148172 polygons), five Goldenrods (159776 to 266802 polygons), six Alpine squills (4665 to 33807 polygons), seven Dandelions (10920 to 308268 polygons), four Snowdrops (10238 to 54552 polygons). Polygon counts may vary in different applications.