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A simple flower with Xfrog 4

This is an older tutorial, but most parts are still perfectly valid – apart from the pronunciation of height.

This time we will build a flower with Xfrog4 – quick and fast!
The blossom will be okay for high-poly/close-up and for mid-poly purpose. You should start with scene file step1 – it contains the materials for the flowers.
The scene files also contains all the needed bitmaps:
Download scene files.

The video tutorials takes a little more then 10 minutes, I hope you have fun with this little tutorial.

Hint: when you are satisfied with the look of the high-poly center of the blossom, then you might want to convert the center to one polygon object. This can save a lot of calculation time inside the editor window!
And during render time this conversion happens anyway, so if you don´t have to change the center, convert it to polygons.