Dune grass2

6.68 w/o VAT

*obj, *c4d, vray for *c4d, *vob, *tgo — This set contains eight patches of dune grass.


This set contains eight patches of grass, similar to species you can find in coastal areas, but they also work nice in “regular” meadows. The models come in “late-summer-style”, with a mix of green and light brown and a delicate blossom.
Dune grass2 also works nice as ornamental plant in gardens or along pathways.

The following file formats are included:

Cinema4D R12+ (*.c4d)
Vray for Cinema4D R12+ (*.c4d)
Vue 10+ (*.vob)
Wavefront (*.obj)
Terragen object (*.tgo)
textures are coming as uncompressed tif

Polygon counts (may vary in different applications):

variant 1: 24610
variant 2: 22265
variant 3: 27113
variant 4: 78816
variant 5: 27245
variant 6: 22771
variant 7: 107025
variant 8: 101801