Cherry tree

a blossoming tree

Cherry tree

a blossoming tree

It took a while, but finally I declare the download section open!

Admittedly a small opening, but it is a first step. And I hope you have some fun with the first model, while you wait for the older files to reappear.
The first freebie is a detailed cherry tree in full bloom.

Below you can find the download links. For now the cherry is available for Cinema4D R12, Vray for Cinema4D R12, Wavefront OBJ and Blender. Other file formats might follow.

The model has some flaws, still I hope it might be of use to some of you. The textures are huge and in most cases you might get away with down scaled bitmaps, but I decided to give away the textures in original size. Also the polygon count is high and will eat your RAM faster than light ;-)
Happy rendering!


You are allowed to use the textured model for still renderings and animations, even for commercial purpose. You are not allowed to redistribute or even resell the textures and models.

Please keep in mind to place downloaded textures and model files into the same folder.


Below you can find a few renderings, done with Cycles.

Jan Walter Schliep
head of Silva3D

Modeling digital nature.