Shrubs and Bushes vol.1

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*obj, *c4d, vray for *c4d, *vob, *tgo — This collection contains 35 shrub models.

Chamaecyparis Bundle1

This bundle contains six detailed models in common file formats (see details). Ideal as garden decoration or ornamental fence. The models come in typical sizes and shapes.

Forsythia Bundle1

The Forsythia bundle contains three different variants, each coming as spring version (with detailed blossoms) and a late spring version (detailed blossoms and leaves). This makes a total of six, detailed forsythia shrubs

Blackberry Bundle

Blackberry plants are part of the Rubus family and there exist many different wild species and also many breeds.
This set contains four different models, each coming as “leaves-only”, blossoming and fruit variant – this makes a total of twelve detailed shrubs. Even thorns are visible!

Rose bush Bundle1

This bundle contains three detailed rose plants, reaching a height of 42cm to 65cm and featuring red blossoms.

Grefsheim Spirea

Grefsheim Spirea (Spiraea cinerea) is a small shrub, often planted as ornamental bush in gardens and parks.
Included are four different shrubs, three of them in a blossoming state. The blossoming shrubs come in a full detail version and in a lower poly version.


This collection contains a total of 35 beautiful shrub models. Five different species are included:
Grefsheim Spirea, Rose bush, Chamaecyparis, Blackberry and Forsythia. All plants are modelled according to real world sizes and simply can be dropped into place.

Spirea, rose and forsythia come as blossoming shrubs with detailed flowers. Blackberry is available as green, blossoming and fruiting version, with 3D berries.
The following file formats are part of this collection: Wavefront OBJ, Vue Object VOB (R8+), Terragen Object TGO, Cinema4D C4D and Vray for Cinema4D (both R12+).
Polygon counts (may vary in different appliations):
Grefsheim spirea variant 1: 532848, variant 2: 380300, variant 3: 239572, variant 4: 135552, variant 1low: 135552, variant 2low: 88988, variant 3low: 98844
Rose bush
variant 1: 23660, variant 2: 31468, variant 3: 52690
variant 1: 102749, variant 2: 96416, variant 3: 89581, variant 4: 85846, variant 5: 81479, variant 6: 80231
variant 2: 58866, variant 2 blos: 168100, variant 2 fruit: 113356, variant 3: 73765, variant 3 blos: 272006, variant 3 fruit: 172176, variant 4: 42728, variant 4 blos: 177593, variant 4 fruit: 107597, variant 5: 35615, variant 5 blos: 121349, variant 5 fruit: 78893
variant 1 spring: 149044, variant 1 late spring: 122806, variant 2 spring: 337203, variant 2 late spring: 267411, variant 3 spring: 205440, variant 3 late spring: 188646

The species contained in this collection also can be purchased as separate products.

Download an overview of Shrubs and Bushes vol.1: Shrubs and Bushes vol.1 thumbnails