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*obj, *c4d, vray for *c4d, *vob, *tgo — This set contains five patches of common chicory.


Chicory belongs to the family of Asteraceae and is a common perennial plant in many areas of the world.Chicory grows in the wild along roads and paths, but is also cultivated and used as salad, coffee replacement and forage crop. Features detailed blossoms, suitable for close up renderings.

The following file formats are included:

Cinema4D R12+ (*.c4d)
Vray for Cinema4D R12+ (*.c4d)
Vue 10+ (*.vob)
Wavefront (*.obj)
Terragen object (*.tgo)
textures are coming as uncompressed tif

Polygon counts (may vary in different applications):

variant 1: 76094
variant 2: 104300
variant 3: 103111
variant 4: 116038
variant 5: 404154