Vitis vinifera Unreal Editor

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*fbx, *tga, *uasset — This set contains a grape vine plant.


Vitis vinifera, usually better known as grape vine, is native to mediterranean areas, but also southern and eastern Asia or southern germany. They are often used as ornamental shrub, but mainly used commercially for production of grapes and wine and can be found world wide – as long as climate fits the needs of this plant.
This set contains a detailed model with grapes.

The download contains the Unreal assets, a simple example level using the grape vine and also the FBX and TGA files that were used to create the assets.
Vitis_vinifera_10adult_main2.uasset contains the “main” plant. A second object (Vitis_vinifera_10adult_detail2.uasset) can be used to add more detail to the trunk. Simply place at same position. It makes use of LOD and is turned off, when you step back from the plant.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind, this object has not been created for realtime purpose. Depending on your scene and the used hardware, you can still walk around in realtime.
The original FBX is contained, so you can generate a second UV map for lightmass baking.